Health and Biomedical Information System - SEMAT- Introduction

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 The National Management System for Science and Technology (Health Sector) is a common portal for scientific data and produced researches. The National Management System for Science and Technology Information provides links to produced researches and scientific data within the country. This information networking serves as a tool and a domain for integrating information whether it be individual, organizational, institutional or scientific journals of the country. In truth, this networking is the first line source and a center for creating links and is the only channel for receiving and saving final information (such as author’s name, journal title and etc.) presented in other internet databases.

 By using this approach, activities without value added, research duplications, accumulation of unnecessary information, ineffective transfer and exchange of information will be lessened and with the application of the national and the localized international standards, will bring about a more dynamic interchange of information.

 It is evident that this process, with inter departmental cooperation, support from executive organizations, continuous cooperation from organizational experts and stakeholders, correct policy making and establishment of strategic committees, are necessary for the purpose of expanding analysis with emphasis on the preservation of long lasting fulfilled improvements.


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